AHU Components

AHU Components

Inner Body & Components of the Unit

The highly smooth inner surfaces of the panels along with internal covings, reduces drastically the risk of dirt and bacteria accumulation. There is no erosion of internal insulation material or any welding of the joints to provide an air steam with zero contamination.

Drain Pan (for air-conditiong applications)

The condensate drain pan is fabricated from 0.8 mm / 1 mm thick G.I. / SS304 depending on the application. This wider drain pan with differential slope assures quick and complete water drainage, thus avoiding migration of moisture, which is the major cause of microbiological growth.


The unit is provided with 10 / 20 micron, easily washable factory manufactured prefilters. These filters are generally confirming to EU-3 of EN-779 specifications.

Also, depending on the requirement, Fine and HEPA filters can also be provided in the unit.


Usage of imported blowers along with anti-vibration isolators and rubber mountings isolate the fan from the main structure, thus minimizing vibrations and hence low operating noise. The blowers are balanced after complete assembly to G2.5 level.

Fans with the balance grade of G1.0 can be upon request.

Cooling Coil

The staggered tubes, corrugated plate fins and die formed channels form mild ripples of the flowing air, thus providing excellent heat transfer capability with low air side pressure drop.

Mechanical expansion of copper tubes with aluminum fins assures tight bonding to enhance the heat transfer.