Microvee Filters

Microvee Filters

Also known as fine filters or 5 micron / 3 micron filters, & are suitable for both EU-5 and EU-6 operations.


Filters particles down to 5 or 3 microns, with an efficiency of 99.9%. Recommended for industrial and class applications.

These filters can be directly installed in AHUs or mounted in banks in separate single skin plenums.

Media and Its Functions

Superior quality non-woven synthetic filter media with regular labyrinthine structure being built of synthetic fibers, which are bonded together by a special resin. This media is sandwiched between two layers of HDPE mesh, which acts as a retainer.

Construction and Supports

Large number of pleats of the media enhances the filtration area for better efficiency.

To improve the efficiency of the filters, they are made 100% leak proof by securely fixing the media pack to the periphery of the enclosure frame using epoxy hardener.

Available in M.S. / Aluminum construction with / without flange, and are powder coated/spray painted with synthetic enamel/epoxy paints.