Basically classified into 3 types :

  • Volume Control Dampers
  • Fire Dampers
  • Gear Dampers


Dampers are devices incorporated into the system to have a proper control on airflow for better maintenance of conditions and better uniformity.

Construction and Supports

Dampers are generally of galvanized iron make or anodized aluminium make. In order to avoid any leakage from the damper, it is provided with overlapping leafs, which can also be incorporated with compression and stop seals for more critical zones.

In case of gear dampers, a specialized, lubricated gear mechanism is provided for easy and precision control.

In case of fire damper, a fusible link along with a gear mechanism is provided, which shuts down the flow of air from one room to another during a fire hazard.


Tailor made, as per the requirement of the design.