Pre Filters

Pre Filters

Also known as rough filters or coil protection filters. Available from EU-1 to EU-4 as per European standards.


Filters particles down to 10 to 20 microns with an efficiency of 85% to 95%. Recommended for comfort and non-critical industrial applications. They can be installed directly in AHUs or mounted in banks.

Media and Its Function

Superior quality non-woven synthetic filter media, sandwiched between two layers of HDPE mesh which acts as a retainer and screens out large particles, thus, preventing them from being embedded in the media. The finer particles are filtered by the media.

(Also available other filter media like woven HDPE, glass fibre etc.)

Construction and Supports

The pleating of the media enhances the filtration area for better efficiency. To eliminate the possibility of even a small amount of dirty air bypass, the media pack is securely bonded to the periphery of the enclosure frame using epoxy hardener.

Available in M.S. / Aluminium construction, powder coated/spray painted with synthetic enamel/epoxy paints.