Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Bench

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow Bench

Centech make Horizontal Laminar Airflow Benches designed to provide Class 100 workstations for the creation of bacterial dust-free air space.

A horizontal Laminar Airflow Bench is used for work with low-risk substances and materials when protection of working material from the environment is necessary or the item requires a sterile working zone.

In horizontal laminar air flow cabinets, the airflow does not directly impinge on the work surface but is drawn smoothly across it to reduce turbulence.


  • Air Flow Direction: Horizontal
  • Cabinet Fabricated in SS 304/316/MS Powder Coated Structure
  • Polycarbonate/Glass Side Panel and Front Panel
  • Air velocity: 0.45±0.05 mps (90±20FPM) Below Six Inch Of Grill
  • Miniplate HEPA filters H-14 99.999% Efficiency 0.3µm
  • Pre-Filter Glass Fibre Media EU-6 98% Efficiency 5 µm
  • Magnehelic Differential pressure gauge
  • Centrifugal Or Back-word Curved type Air blower with Speed Variable
  • SS 304 working platform
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet fluorescent light
  • Feather Touch controller for Blower/Light/Pressure Display
  • DOP Port/Atmospheric Nozzles
  • Sound Level Minimum 65db On Scale
  • Power Supply Single Phase 220V 50 Hz


  • Chemical industries
  • Medical industries
  • Food manufacturing
  • Food industry
  • Forensics
  • Microbiology and Tissue culture lab
  • Entomology
  • Veterinary and seed sciences
  • Pathology