Clean Room Air Shower

Clean Room Air Shower

Centech make Clean Room Air shower is designed and built to remove surface particles from personnel like lint, dirt, dust, etc. from the personnel entering or exiting the clean room area.

SS 304 / CRCA powder coated construction except Filters and motor-blower assemblies which will be in standard execution.

These are cabins specially prepared to remove any dust particles and other polluting products that may be present in personnel's work materials or clothing. These cabins can be found at the entrance or exit of clean or containment areas, ensuring that no contaminants enter the area and potentially tarnish the sterile environment. Such cabins are equipped with air filters, vacuums and other controlling technologies to provide a high level of contamination control. The cabin's built-in air suction devices draw air from personnel's clothes, extracting any contaminates before they enter the cleanroom. Additionally, these cabins come with ultraviolet light for killing bacteria during their passage through the cabin as a further measure of protection against contamination. This is an effective way of guaranteeing that personnel as well as products entering a cleanroom are free from any pollutants.


  • High-velocity, high-volume air flow, which allows for fast and efficient decontamination of the atmosphere
  • Magnetic interlocks
  • LED interior lighting
  • Inspection panels for air supply ducts
  • Silicone-free urethane sealant
  • Stainless steel door frames are available
  • Standard-sized HEPA filters and prefilters that have no-leak, negative pressure–reliability seals
  • Heavy duty aluminum doors
  • Easy access for service and maintenance needs


  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Cloth Manufacturer
  • Semi-conductor Laboratory
  • Defense research Lab
  • Animal Facilities
  • Gold Producers
  • Food Testing Laboratory
  • Chemical Laboratory
  • Electronics Industry