Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units

The wide range of AHUs manufactured in the production unit are with world class capabilities and special features like internal covings & thermal brake external frames.

They are tailor made depending on the design, applications, availability of space and similar other parameters.

The Air Handling Units can be broadly classified as :

  • Single Skin Air Handling Units - for all Ventilation applications
  • Double Skin Air Handling Units - for all Air-conditioning applications


Horizontal Floor Mounted Type

All major components are aligned to the base tray, thus making it maintenance and service friendly.

Offers sturdy construction and flexible combination of various components like coils, filters etc. to suit specific applications.

Vertical Air Handling Units

Designed to occupy lesser floor space in comparison with horizontal units. Panel opening in front of the fan section enables easy maintenance and serviceability of the unit.

Ceiling Suspended Units

As the name suggests, can be suspended from the ceiling, thus requiring zero floor space.

Completely noiseless and can be tucked away above the false ceiling, or inside the conditioned area itself, thus reducing installation costs and giving flexibility to the design of the interior.