Vertical Laminar Air Flow Bench

Vertical Laminar Air Flow Bench

Centech make Vertical Laminar Airflow Benches designed to provide Class 100 workstations for the creation of bacterial dust-free air space.

VLAFs are used for work with low-risk substances and materials when protection of working material from the environment is necessary or the item requires a sterile working zone.

In vertical laminar air flow cabinets, the HEPA filter which is mounted above the workspace provides a taller and deeper workspace. This allows larger equipment to be used in the workspace without interrupting airflow. Reverse vertical flow cabinets can be customised easily to fit the unique need of the specific application.


  • Air Flow Direction: Vertical
  • Cabinet Fabricated in SS 304/316/MS Powder Coated Structure
  • Polycarbonate/Glass Side Panel and Front Panel
  • Air velocity: 0.45±0.05 mps (90±20FPM) Below Six Inch Of Grill
  • Miniplate HEPA filters H-14 99.999% Efficiency 0.3µm
  • Pre-Filter Glass Fibre Media EU-6 98% Efficiency 5 µm
  • Magnehelic Differential pressure gauge
  • Centrifugal Or Back-word Curved type Air blower with Speed Variable
  • SS 304 working platform
  • Germicidal Ultraviolet fluorescent light
  • Feather Touch controller for Blower/Light/Pressure Display
  • DOP Port/Atmospheric Nozzles
  • Sound Level Minimum 65db On Scale
  • Power Supply Single Phase 220V 50 Hz


  • Pharmaceutical Industries,
  • Hospitals and Medial,
  • Microbiology Laboratories,
  • Chemical Research Laboratories,
  • Food Processing Industries,
  • Electronics Industries